Hi, I'm Sigrid!

I have been an English-as-a-second-language (ESL) teacher and an accent coach for adults for over 20 years now! I got started teaching English while attending college. I got a job at my college as an English tutor. There were a lot of students from other countries. And they really needed my help with their English! I worked with them on everything--grammar, writing, pronunciation, reading, vocabulary, phonics, pronunciation, and so on. I had a lot of fun helping them with their English and many of them became good friends.


I soon became very good at explaining English rules in a way that is easy to understand, and I usually had a line of students waiting to work with me. I kept that job all through my college years and learned so much about teaching and how students learn from those years of working with students one-on-one. 


Of course during that time I realized I love teaching English to people from around the world! So in college studied a lot about all the languages of the world, and phonetics/phonology (speech sounds and pronunciation) was very interesting to me. Eventually I got my bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in linguistics, and then my master's degree in teaching English as a Second language. I wrote my master's thesis about accent modification.

Nowadays I am a longtime teacher of two levels of English pronunciation classes at my local community college, and I also work for the popular English website Espresso English, where I evaluate student's speech and pronunciation. And of course I also work 1:1 with English clients online, helping them perfect their English pronunciation and speaking skills and become confident in English! 


When you work with me you get access to all of my extensive knowledge about English and its structure, and the ins and outs of the American accent. Due to my education and experience I can teach you things about English and English pronunciation that other English teachers don't even know! Why don't you join me and let's get started taking your English to the next level?

I look forward to working with you soon!