Accent /Speaking Coaching with Sigrid


Do you want to be able to perfectly pronounce all the sounds of English? Do you want to understand why spoken English sounds so different from your English grammar book? Do you want to learn secret techniques that help you sound better, clearer, and more natural in English? Would you like to speak without hesitations? I can help you with all of these things!

Accent Coaching

I'm an expert accent coach with extensive knowledge of English pronunciation--for my Master's degree I specialized in phonetics and English phonology (study of sounds and English pronunciation) and I teach college classes in English pronunciation. I have a lot of happy students who were amazed to learn things about English pronunciation that are often not taught in English classes.


My process starts with the small units of spoken language--the sounds. The we work our way up to bigger things--clusters, words, phrases, sentences, and then intonation and rhythm. 

  • First I will teach you to perfectly pronounce the individual English sounds that are difficult for you. We won't study every English sound (that would take a long time, as there are 40!). We will just work on the sounds that are hard for you. We will also look at any other sound problems you may have such as consonant clusters.

  • Then I will instruct you on how to link words together to make your sentences sound smooth and natural.

  • Finally, I will teach you to reduce vowels in some words, and how to stress other words, just like native speakers do. And I will guide you to speak with a native-like rhythm.

Throughout these coaching sessions, we will also practice what you have learned by reading aloud and, most importantly, by speaking in natural conversation. When we practice speaking together, I can immediately correct your pronunciation of words you commonly use. In this way you start speaking better right away--from the very first lessons. I recommend having lessons once or twice a week, and then practicing what you have learned for a few minutes every day.


Speaking Coaching

Do you have trouble finding the right words when you speak? Do you speak with a lot of hesitations? Do you have "bad habits" in English that need a cure? Do you need to speak better and more professionally? Are you taking an English exam with a speaking portion like the IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC? Do you have a big presentation coming up soon? I can help, and I can do more than you average English conversation teacher, because I am a master English teacher with 20 years experience working with adult English learners. 


I'll support you while you speak, providing interesting conversation questions and new vocabulary. I'll also correct while you speak to help you catch any bad habits, such as pronouncing TH words incorrectly, or forgetting to use the past tense. I will give you feedback and advice on your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, idioms, and slang. I also take notes during our conversation, and after we finish the topic we will discuss English rules and practice anything else you need to work on. And I'll make sure you get my notes on your speech so you can continue to practice between sessions. My students love my lessons because they get the kind of personalized feedback and expert advice they can't get anywhere else!

How Do Lessons Work?

Email me to set up a time for us to meet online. We meet online at the appointed time via Zoom or Skype. You can use Zoom/Skype on your computer or your phone (although it is easier to see on the computer). You can book one lesson at a time, or book 9 lessons and get the tenth free! I take payments via Paypal.

My accent and speaking lessons are:

Initial consultation: $15

(in an initial consultation we meet to evaluate you speech and discuss your goals)

$20 for a detailed pronunciation evaluation (optional)

30-minute lesson: $25

60-minute lesson: $50

I also offer 10-lesson packages (pay for 9 lessons, get one free!)


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